New air lines reach Croatia in 2012

The Scandinavian air carrier SAS will be introducing five new lines towards Croatia into their summer flight schedule this year. From 25 March, SAS will be connection Stockholm and Dubrovnik with two to three flights a week, Copenhagen and Split with one to three flights a week form 31 March and Bergen and Stavangar will be connected with Split once a week, starting on 25 June.

Copenhagen will also be connected with Dubrovnik twice a week, starting on the 4 July.

Along with SAS, flying from the north of Europe, from Helsinki to Dubrovnik to be precise, will be the Finnish national air-carrier Finnair, with the first flight on the 2 April and subsequently three flights per week. This will be the first regular line that Finnair is opening in Croatia.

Also from the beginning of June until the beginning of October, Jet2 will have flights between Newcastle and Dubrovnik every Saturday. This will be the fifth line of this British air carrier to the very south of Croatia.

British EasyJet, which already has seven existing lines towards Dubrovnik will be introducing an eighth line that will connect it with the Spanish capital Madrid. The first flight has been announced for 25 June, after which there will be three flights a week. More flights on the same route have also been annonced by the Spanish national air carrier Iberia.

Croatia Airlines will connect Zadar with Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris every Tuesday. from 1 May until the end of the summer flight schedule.

The Irish low budget air carrier Ryanair has announced that it will begin flying from Pula to Oslo-Rygge airport from 26 March. This is the fourth seasonal Ryanair line from Pula and the first one towards Scandinavia, after the airports Bruxelles-Charleroi, Frankfurt-Hahn and London-Stansted, and all together the fifteenth Ryanair line from Croatian airports. During the summer season Ryanair also flies from Osijek, Rijeka and Zadar.

German regional air carrier Eurowings will be connecting Zadar and Duesseldorf from 26 May until 22 September every Saturday.

Transavia, the Dutch low budget air carrier, has announced the introduction of six new lines, one of them towards Spilt. The seasonal line between Split and Rotterdam should be launched on 7 July, and will operate twice a week. This will be the first regular Transavia line towards Split as well as the only connection between Rotterdam and Croatia.

Qatar air carrier, Qatar Airways, has also announced the introduction of a new line from its base in Dohi towards Zagreb this year.

More flights towards Croatian airports have also been announced by the Scandinavian low budget air carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle, Condor and Smartwings.

British low budget air carrier Monarch Airlines has for this year announced three lines towards Dubrovnik. The pearl of the Adriatic will then have regular Monarch flights towards London (Gatwick), Birmingham and Manchester. The first to be launched will be the Dubrovnik-Manchester line, which will be operating from 27 March until 27 October. Dubrovnik will be connected to Birmingham twice a week from 1 May until 27 October and in the same period Monarch will be flying between Dubrovnik and London (Gatwick) three times a week.