Activities on Hvar

Planning to spend an active holiday? You enjoy in activities like diving or swimming, or you prefer exploring new places by cycling? Hvar is the place for you.

With its exceptional beauty Hvar is a real paradise for the ones who want to enjoy in variety of activities on their holiday. Its preserved nature is a real bait for all who love walking, hiking, mountaineering and camping, while numerous trails and paths are ideal for cycling devotees. Adriatic sea holds many artifacts from centuries gone by, from ancient amphorae to sunken galleys, and ships that met their end in the whirlwind of two World Wars. Those seeking adrenaline action will love activities like rafting, paragliding or parachuting. We will give you all the help You need in organizing your holiday activities.


Macadam field trials are ideal for mountain bikes, while asphalted roads offer an opportunity for family sightseeing. Huge variety offeres trails for everyone's taste.

Sailing and nautics

Adriatic sea is equally ideal for sailing under full sail as it is for cruising on motor boats. Its 66 islands, 652 islets, 389 rocks and 78 reefs make it a real nautical dream. The islands are ideally laid out, separated by no more than 10 nautical miles. 56 modern marinas with around 16,000 wet berths and 5,500 dry berths are available all year round. In the majority of these marinas it is possible to hire a yacht and organise professional sailing courses.


The developed relief of the underwater world that is around 50 metres deep in the north reaches to around 250m near Palagruža, and not far from Jabuka it reaches depths of around 1300m. Beginners are offered with a variety of professional courses and diving schools, while experienced divers in search of attractions like attractive endemic flora and fauna species of the Adriatic or sunken Roman galleons and naval ships can go on organised tours.

Sport fishing

The first world championship in underwater fishing was held long ago in Mali Lošinj in 1957. Whether you love fishing in the sea or underwater, on Hvar your most passionate fishing dreams will come true. From a huge variety of salt-water species like tuna, dentex, gilt-poll and sea bass Hvar is without a doubt a top destination for sports fishing.